1. How do I register my details with your company?

You need to click the REGISTER link and fill in the form. Your details will be automatically logged and your tax details checked with HMRC.

2 How do I apply for payment?


Once you have registered you need to click the APPLY FOR PAYMENT link and fill in a form with how many hours you have worked, how much you are to be paid etc. Once you have submitted this form your Site Manager will need to approve the payment online. You will receive an email to confirm that your application has been approved.

3. When will I be paid?


Normally you be paid within 7 days of submitting your application and all payments are made on Fridays. If your details are not correct it may take longer, so please make sure to have the correct details. You will receive an email to confirm that you have been paid.

4. Why do you need to check my tax details?


By law we need to check the tax details of everybody who works for us.

5. How much tax will you take from me?


HMRC decide how much tax we need to deduct. Normally this will be 20% unless you have applied to HMRC for ‘gross payment status’.

6. I have had tax deducted at 30%, why is this?


If you have had tax deducted at 30% it is because HMRC have given you an emergency tax status. You will need to contact HMRC to resolve this. Unfortunately we cannot do this for you.

7. I need a payslip?


At the end of every month you will receive a payslip by email with details of how much you have been paid and how much tax has been deducted. You need to keep these payslips to give to your accountant.

8. I have lost my payslips, how can I get copies?


If you have lost your payslips and emails you can download copies from our website.

9. I am registered for VAT, what should I do?


Simply enter your VAT number when you register and the system will calculate the VAT.

10. I have supplied you with materials, will I be taxed for these?


No, if you have supplied materials then you won’t be taxed for these. You do need to enter the materials separately though so that they can be calculated without the tax.

11. My bank details have changed, what should I do?


Easy, just login to the site and click on EDIT ACCOUNT. Make sure to do this before applying for a payment though otherwise it will be paid to your old account.

12. I don’t have an NI number, what can I do?


Unfortunately without a National Insurance number we cannot employ you.

13. Should I add my tax to my agreed dayrate?


No. Your tax is deducted from your normal dayrate. Do not add tax please.

14. Can I reclaim any tax at the end of the year?


Yes you can. You will need contact your accountant about this though.

15. I don’t have an accountant, can you help?


Yes, we can recommend an accountant for you.